TRT – Watson Lake to Mt Rose (28mi)

What a brutal section.

Day 1 consisted of 18 miles in between water sources, mostly exposed trail, and just getting baked by the sun. Ended up off the TRT to camp at Gray Lake just to find water.

Day 2 consisted of 9 miles that took me nearly 9 hours to complete. SO MUCH SNOW. Post-holed for hours on end in waist high snow. At times I was attempting to follow someone else’s footprints that had tried to do the same thing before me, but those disappeared and re-appeared as they obviously had as much trouble keep tracking of the trail as I did. All in all, I barely managed a mile and hour and lost and found the trail again probably 50+ times. My phone died so I don’t have pics that accurately convey the level of snow, you’ll just have to take my word on it…