Gorham, NH to Stratton, ME

Left the White Mountain Hostel in Gorham (which I highly highly recommend..one of, if not the best hostel on trail) and headed toward the last state line. Finally in Maine!

Very awesome to have Chris and Kyle come join me for a 50+ mile stretch. Definitely some hard hard terrain but they handled it like champs with smiles on their faces. I felt like a proud parent.

Their first mile on the AT was Mahoosuc Notch, which is a mile long stretch of boulders at the bottom of a large gap. No hiking poles required, hands and arms are the tools of the trade. Nicknamed the “toughest mile” or “killer mile”, we scrambled through it for over an hour. Several places have ice and snow in the bottom because the spot literally isn’t ever reached by the sun. Awesome fun for sure, but the right attitude is a must…otherwise you’re in for the longest mile ever.

Walked through a few days of rain but the sun finally came out! I felt like it had been several states since I really saw it. Finally got the boys some good vistas for their hard work.

Came around the trail one day and found ourselves face to face with a moose. He stared at us for a minute and then took off running. Naturally I took off after him. I had come this far to see one and I wasn’t missing the opportunity. Got an awesome video!

Left the boys and hauled it to Stratton ME for some last minute R&R before the big push to the finish.

188 miles left on this journey!


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