The Whites! (or at least 1/2 of them)

1/2 through the dreaded White Mountains! I have to say, they were not over-hyped in the least. Very very tough terrain. Constant 2-3k ascents and descents.

Surprisingly though I enjoy the climbs more than the downs, which are very treacherous. My knees and legs have gained a few battle scars for sure. If I could use one word for the Whites it would be ‘epic’. Incredibly raw, rugged terrain. You work very hard but are rewarded quite well. Incredible mountain top views with nothing but more huge mountains around you. The size and scale is unbelievable. My legs hurt more than they have the whole trail, and I’ve used my hands more in 3 days than in the previous 1800 miles. The walk along Franconia ridge above tree line is easily the most breath taking awesome place I’ve hiked thus far.

Me and another hiker, Long-gone, did work for stay at Greenleaf Hut. All we had to do is talk to the 30 people staying there about being a thru hiker and answer questions for 30 minutes, and in return we got a dry place to sleep and all the food we could eat!

340 miles to go! Feels awesome to be in the home stretch. Hiker life is awesome and always interesting, but I’m definitely ready for some normal life complete with regular showers!

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