I found the rocks…and the heat

Headed into Duncannon and stayed at the Doyle Hotel, which is pretty much famous for being the crappiest place on the trail. It did not disappoint! It’s all good though, my standards for clean living have plummeted. Cheap shower and bed? Sign me up. Though the food was awesome.

Had breakfast at Trail Angel Mary’s house in the AM. Awesome lady, super awesome food. Mmm, chocolate chip pancakes.

Next thing I knew I was walking into a family reunion/memorial day celebration/trail magic. Absolutely incredible. Hail to the Fogarty family and their kindness! Ate till I was stuffed, and then ate some more. Ended up letting us drink there all day and crash on their front porch.

A few days of big miles over BIG rocks and Georgia style heat, and I find myself in Palmerton, PA. Staying at a hostel run out of the old jail…shower, laundry, the whole bit.

Headed out tomorrow am. Less than 50 miles left in this state. Crazy!

(Also, credit to Rash for the 2 pics I was in that I stole)


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