AT Day 1!!

**sorry for the lack of updates. Signal has been sub par lately.

So, Day 1. March 11. Emotional. Lots of highs lots of not so highs. Headed to Amicalola in the morning to make it real and register as a thru hiker. I was #294 for the season. Then we headed over to springer to start this thing. After some emotional good byes, I walked into the woods.

Very strange feeling knowing that if all goes well, it’d be 5+ months until I was back…

First few hours were nice. Was trying to make the fist shelter at Hawk Mountain, 8 miles away. But about 1/2 way there the skies just opened up. Walked for 2 hours in the pouring rain, only to find the shelter not only full, but about 30 tents had been pitched nearby. Whoops. Set up in the rain (awful) ate a hot meal and dug in for the night.blogger-image-165026466blogger-image--1107776035

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